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The Westin Convention Centre looks so out of place among the highrises. No doubt the new owner would want to build a couple of tall towers there.
It will also help the street edge. When both site get redevelop, it will help how the street being improved over what there now.

One of my top 10 buildings and looking for other angle to shoot it.
Yeah, with all the condos around id much prefer another office building for that location
If one looks at how many office building were supposed to be on the Waterfront, we have already surpass that number twice with more in the works.

From my point of view, you have the Financial core is shifting to the south and east, as well expanding the area.

The density is now 6 times and counting higher than plan, but lack a lot of things. No community centre, park space, schools, place for kids to play let alone teens, washrooms, drinking fountains and the list goes on.