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CityPlace's sidewalks have become quite lively at the times of day one would expect, like others have said, coming and going to work and on the weekends in general. Just wait until Quartz and Spectra and Newton and Forward and whatever comes next opens…

While not that great, in a sea of mediocrity it's the only tower that stands out
Elevators keep malfunctioning in this 7-year old TCH rental building | Toronto Star

This sounds like a real nightmare situation. Even if the elevators didn't have any issues, 3 elevators is not enough for a building of this size, in my opinion.
It's nowhere near enough and developers are getting away with building new developments with the bare minimum amount of elevators. The elevator company (Schindler) in this case is definitely right in this case when they say this building has nowhere near an adequate amount of elevators.

Things were starting to look up when the previous provincial government began to look into the issue, but with our current government we can all but forget about seeing any kind of improvement.
Hm. Looks like elevators are not the only problem here. When I was walking through CityPlace on Sunday I was taking a look at this tower and noticed something kind of concerning - the spandrel, specifically the grey spandrel, is failing at an alarming rate. Can't really see it in this broad picture, but take a look at some zoomed-in shots below:

Holy crap that’s bad. Hopefully whichever window wall company / supplier responsible for those panels didn’t use them on many other projects around town or we’re in trouble.