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Apr 24, 2007
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Redevelopment plans for the shopping plaza at the NE corner of Eglinton & Bayview.

Ward 26 - North York District

The application proposes to amend the former Town of Leaside Zoning By-law No. 1916 to permit a 19-storey (66 metre) and a 13-storey (50 metre) apartment building with retail at grade (2,316 m2). The two buildings would contain a total of 426 dwelling units and 420 parking spaces with 397 located in a 2-level below grade garage and 23 surface spaces. A continuous driveway is proposed along the northern boundary of the site providing access to Eglinton Avenue East and Bayview Avenue. The existing commercial plaza would be demolished.
I'm hoping that we will start to see lot assembly for midrises to the east of this where all those single family homes line Eglinton.
Wow, exciting. There are already quite a few mid-rise apartments here, but with the subway (underground LRT) coming here, urbanization is spreading east along Eglinton.

If I recall correctly this was the first strip mall in Toronto. Heritage protection anyone?

Yes, suburban history! Maybe a historic plaque ;)
No love lost over a shopping plaza, but I do like the building on the east end of the site. Hope it isn't part of the deal.
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If I recall correctly this was the first strip mall in Toronto.

Yes, built in 1951, and purportedly the first suburban strip plaza in Canada, even not all of North America (although I find that harder to believe).

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Ah yes, I do remember the Norgate shopping center...doesn't look like it changed a whole lot from the Wiki photos.

With regards to Sunnybrook Plaza, this is going to be a major change to this busy corner! I honestly can't picture a 19-storey and 13-storey building at this location. I can see it as a successful venture especially given the other developments going on nearby but it's quite a change from what's there now.
And how long before the plaza on the north west corner goes?

The grocery shop? Part of the parking lot will be gone for the Eglinton Crosstown station, but the grocery stop, gas station & beer store are probably here to stay for a while.

They just re-build & renovated both the grocery stop & beer store, and both are very popular and probably doing very good business there.

Although I could see some sort of deal where a condo is built but the Metro & beer store become the main retail tenants, or something like that.
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Under construction
This photo description reads: Eglinton Ave filling in the dip in the road to accomodate the Sunnybrook Shopping Centre. the road and sidewalk is still intact under the fill.

Please cite your sources!