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Thank goodness this is the when-I-started-taking-transit-here-and-there thread so that I can chime in with 'yeah, my parents used to drop my sister and I at the subway weekly so we could go to the ROM's Saturday Morning Club when we were tiny little things, and then I went downtown on the subway for school every day starting in grade 7 and I screwed around down there until I felt like going home.' I sure hope that people don't post anything about Sugar Wharf again and derail all of this, 'cause I might have to send them on vacation (and it won't be via the subway).

...and you try and tell the young people of today that ...they won't believe you!
I grew up in the countryside, so I think I rode the subway only once before I was 18, which was when we parked at Yorkdale and went to a Blue Jays game in 1992 or so. But we roamed independently and got into stuff that would give todays' parents nightmares. Abandoned barns, farm machinery, rivers and ponds, etc. Times were different in the '80s!
I started taking transit on my own at age 9. That's when I got house keys.

On Fridays after school, I would go home, feed the cats, then head off to the subway where I would subway downtown to meet my parents after work for dinner, then go to a movie w/them.
Probably explains why you appear to be a well adjusted, interesting person with many interests and skills! (Really!) Helicopter parents who don't trust their kids are just the worst thing for kids!

Interestingly, it appears they did in fact remove the 'test' balcony guards from the inner tower. I wonder whether there is a material problem, or maybe another change in pattern. Maybe they saw my post and decided to go for a little more colour ;)

Strange if there is a change though as panel tests have been happening behind the scenes for over a year (with many panels already made), would be surprising to only find an issue now. Alas it'll likely end up being the same pattern, just hope those fabricators aren't being overworked to death on any new ones.
The GO trains are getting a little longer again. Welcome back 905ers! We’ve missed you the past 18 months. It has been a little tiring seeing mostly, police, security, the homeless and construction workers but the quietness has been kind of nice. Next month we can start complaining about the crowds and traffic. :)

SE tower level 35 and NW tower level 23













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Balcony cladding is going up now. Almost the entire first tower floor of the eastern building has it. Looks the same as the test panels - black, grey, and white. The black in particular looks sharp. Though I'm still nervous that this could look like a mess given the hectic-ness of the pattern that seems to be shown in renderings and the fact none of the panels have a diagonal colour pattern.