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Interesting... The Erickson design that will become a Trump tower was originally slated to be a Ritz Carlton before the plan was scuttled. The same is true of our own Trump Toronto design. It seems the Trump organization is more than happy to pick up the Ritz's sloppy seconds. This time the second hand architecture will truly be excellent, though - A tribute to a late, great Canadian architect.
They have the lights going right now. They are just as tacky as the rest of the place.

TRUM are running tests. If your within view, don't stare at it for too long if your prone to seizures.
Yes, I noticed that they were doing some testing last night but it wasn't going full brightness. It was a dull purple colour. Last summer when they tested it, it was bright white, as well as other vibrant colours. What we are seeing now is the low watt version but I guess we are close to the finished product, finally.
Love the Financial District in the summer




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Donald Trump announces $360M hotel-condo tower in Vancouver
VANCOUVER -- Vancouver has become the next stop for real estate tycoon and reality television icon Donald Trump's international hotel chain.

The 63-storey tower's twisting design by now-deceased architect Arthur Erickson was originally meant for the cancelled Ritz-Carlton Hotel in the city's downtown core.

It will now be built by developer Holborn Group.