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Walked by today--didn't look like much activity, but someone had put a broken-off piece of wood across the inside of the two entrance doors, Precinct 13 style. So I guess the sales office is definitely closed!
Utility location (for scaffolding installation/excavation?)


Inside, a mess. Hard to get a good pic of the inside, but the Trump lettering has been removed, and they are clearly moving out.

walked by this morning, a bunch of contrators are picketing the sales centre, something about using qualified contractors, is he trying to use cheap labour ?
Why fix those sidewalks when they will just be ripped out during construction? They will all be replaced once the building is nearly completed. Same as all developments in the city..
Ahhh, look at those lovely Toronto sidewalks/roads, and in the CBD! Is the city doing anything in its 'city beautiful' campaign? (not being facetious, I'd really like to know).

They obviously don't have the money to fix the entire city.
some people (like myself) prefer ghetto sidewalks...they look pretty urban and snazzy, gives the city character.
^^...real snazzy, especially when you are walking and you roll over on your ankle and sprain it due to the hundreds, upon hundreds of patches of asphalt and concrete, holes from previous construction, removed bike-lock post holes, and dug up sections for new wiring etc.. It is a fucking joke! The same goes for when they redo the streetcar tracks- ie: Roncesvalles and now Dundas St.- You need look no further than the edge of the tracks to notice that they have no money or it is not important to have a decent road to use--> City=broke, sidewalks=broken. Its a real shame.

Now if the city went and replaced those sidewalks you all would be crying that the city is wasting money because the development will just rip them all up again...
Where's the pessimism? They're obviously just putting stuff away into storage temporarily so the sales centre can be renovated...
Well if you look at the sidewalks around all the major buildings down there, the property owners have put down their own sidewalks to match the buildings. I'm sure the same will be done with Trump and B/A.