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The plan/drawing I'm referring to is from the book Unbuilt Toronto (a fantastic read, btw), and I believe either that was the original plan, or a building right near it.
I'll try to scan the image and put it up here.

EDIT: I'll put up the actual drawing later, but for now I'll post this render somebody did on Google Earth, which is similar to what I am talking about.

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Also... College Park was originally planned to be 30 - 40 stories but unfortunately due to the great depression it had to be halted at it's podium. We also lost the Toronto Star Tower to FCP which was quite a decent looking Art Deco building. Not that tall, but decent.
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Back in February they started cladding the upper East side in glass, then stopped after only one floor. This week they appear to be on the move again. The third floor of glass cladding pictured here (only halfway done in the AM) was finished to the North corner by the time I came home for lunch. Let's hope this pace continues. I love how the glass looks black against the teal bands thanks to Scotia's shadow.


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VERY nice view NIL OMNI ^^^
and i noticed you named the attachments "PIMRU RISING".... Freakin EPIC if you ask me :D lol.

but yeah, the cladding pacing is always on and off, sometimes there are slow seasons, then bursts like these. Trump will become apart of a typical "toronto cbd skyscraper" postcard like that shot. i can just imagine it at night...

Some awesome shots of trump by TheMaxMan at SSP:

Shots from earlier this afternoon (they were shooting Flashpoint on location at the base of the tower next door and I was shooed away from getting any closer on that part of the plaza):



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love that first pic NIL Omni! Just a spectacular view of the financial district! may I ask where you took it from? maybe Jazz?
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Bank of Nova Scotia Building :p

Believe it or not that was just supposed to be the base of a taller bank tower.. Picture 40 Wall St. and Metlife Tower's lovechild.

There's no mention of that in Glenn McArthur's book on Lyle, A Progressive Traditionalist, published in 2009.
cool vid linked to by 95warren above... thought I'd embed it for convenience:


and I got this pic from Bay and Front on Saturday...

Even without the true north facing view, i don't think ANYONE can complain about the views! and you can still see many things off-north like city hall, yonge street, etc...
All the updates coming in are AMAZING! whether it be jasonzed's/redrooms photos, slabrat's video, or trump toronto's facebook photo!

and even being at level, near level, or above bay adelaide centre is so awesome! just knowing how high up you are and that you own the skies! simply spectacular! looking at and even down at the greatest skyscrapers in the city (and some would argue Canada),
i don't even care if office workers spy on me during the day, if they're looking at me, it's out of jealousy ;)

I wanna live here!!! (well... first i gotta graduate from high school, get a job, and make some money first ;)!)

trump toronto = most epic project in the city,
Brand new video by the Slabrat on youtube again!!!

You can even see the evidence of the fashion show runway thing!!!

amazing how it looks VERY much under construction on the outside, but on the inside, it looks really great/nearly complete!
very classy building.... i couldn't even recognize our city from in there!

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