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Toronto skyline

City Place Skyline: January vs. June

January 3, 2011


June 6, 2011


Some observations...

-Both taken after Luna lights off
-Ritz is a bit more lit
-Parade is occupied and topped off in blue lights
-Pinnacle is now virtually fully-clad
-The little lights on the hill in the foreground are still not turned on
-January is a much sharper picture
-M5V not much change in 6 months
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Who said Toronto can't compete with the biggest cities? Yonge St Dominates!



East End Toronto. Downtown to Scarborough with a little North York and Yorkville. Welcome to Toronto.


Toronto measures up. East End Toronto.

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Can I just chuck this random shot in here?
I think it's 2005, kudos to anyone who knows where it was taken from and what buildings are in it.

Direct link
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Wow, that are was a dump compared to what it is now.

Taken from CN tower, I assume. You can see the Hyatt before it aged hideously with the terrible cladding. Westinghouse building in front, and the Soho Met. The Tiff Bell Lightbox, the LCBO, and the condo housing the Fresh and Wild sure have changed the feel of the area. The AGO looks very different too, obviously. U of T looks so grey from this angle.
Believe it or not, taken by me last night at Polson Pier.


What was i thinking ...cutting off the CN Tower, thats a no


From the Bathurst street bridge.

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Both Toronto and Shanghai have a tower that is to the left of the buildings if viewed from the opposite side.

Shanghai no questions asked. Why do you even compare it with TORONTO!?!? Not even New York can compare with Shanghai!

Couple things...

Are Sauobeatbath and Spsamat the same person? Same links in their signatures, almost the same number of posts, both replied to this thread within minutes of each other in the dead of night, and both joined in 07/11. Odd.

What is more odd is that they are having a nonsensical argument with themself. Ok sauobeatbath, I don't think you were making a direct comparison of Toronto to Shanghai in your first post so no need to get all incredulous with yourself about making that comparison. Let's not fight with ourself here.