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Toronto skyline

^A masterpiece! The colour and B&W: pure genius! This could almost be El-Toro's new flag--it just works on so many levels.
^^ Thanks guys. I thought of that too Bruvyman. I'm going to re-shoot it when the Centre Island ferry starts up again and I have a clearer view of the skyline. As you can see from the original below, I didn't have much room to shoot from the Ward's Island ferry dock and one has to deal with those hard orange lights.

Android : the original context photo is equally as good! I did some shots from the Ward's Island docks a couple summers ago and as I recall you can position yourself so that you dont really have to deal with those lights. My biggest problem when I was there in August was nasty swarms of bugs which were attracted by the lights were dining on every human in the area including photographers! I wouldnt want to be over there in the winter though either. You really lucked out with the calm water which is best for getting great reflections!

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