Toronto PJ Condos | 156.96m | 48s | Pinnacle | Hariri Pontarini

Even if the glass was mullioned to all hell (which the renders don't suggest), that brick would compensate in spades.
In the rendering it looks like the brick will go all the way up that side of the tower. A little tough to see though.
Please tell me Im right.
The south face is going to be all window wall/ spandrel right to the top without balconies so I’m hoping they go with a darker window wall like at garrison point. The rest should look fantastic. It’s a shame they couldn’t repeat the balconies on the south side as well.
There are too many "brick" walls (11 in total) on the west side of the main building. I can understand the width of the brick wall would need to match/cover the six main concrete pillars, but it is quite disappointed to see that the other five "brick" walls are so wide that these "artificial" walls are blocking the sunlight and visibility in the condo units. I guess PJ architects may be trying to match the other old buildings (322 King St. West?) with lots of bricks and small windows, but they don't seem to follow the architectural approach in the other buildings (100 Adelaide tower, King Blue condo, ) to keep the old façade only for the lower floors with large windows and modern look for the higher floors.
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