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Id say, this deserves a thread of its own.... Pinnacle on Adelaide-2

Ward 20 - Tor & E.York District
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OPA / Rezoning
Proposal for a 39 storey tower at the south end of the site and a lower podium building at the north and a traingular shaped plaza on John Street. The building contains retail at grade, 364 residential units above and 117 parking spaces in 5 levels of undergroud parking.

Application Number 12 107447 STE 20 OZ Application Status Application Submitted
Planner Name
Phone Number Kimont, Joanna
416-392-7216 Status Date Jan 17, 2012
Community Meeting Date --- Date Received Jan 17, 2012
Statutory Meeting Date --- Proposed Non-Residential GFA (sq m) 274

Proposed Residential GFA (sq m) 25,127
Lot Size (sq m) 1,406
Proposed Residential Units 364
Proposed Storeys 40
Thanks AG ... this makes sense for Pinnacle to be eventually developing the lands where their current sales office is located

Its nice that this tower will be situated at the south end of the site, thereby staggering with the building footprint alignment of Pinnacle on Adelaide tower adjacent to the west (which is located at the north end fronting onto Adelaide Street)

I like the way the building folds in toward the bottom. Very nice.

The arches are VERY intriguing.
The Pinnacle tower being built across the street was supposed to have a similar angled pane on the corner, but the design was changed and now it's just another garbage spandrel slab tower.


(image posted by urbandreamer in the Pinnacle on Adelaide thread)
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The arches (on the north elevation especially) are very Uno Prii.
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Alright, taking all bets. Who thinks this one will be dumbed down by construction time like the first phase?
Planning Meeting on 324-338 Richmond St W and 283 Adelaide St W

Date: Wednesday May 23, 2012
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Location: Metro Hall, 55 John Street, Room 308
Alright, taking all bets. Who thinks this one will be dumbed down by construction time like the first phase?

If I were a gamblin' man I'd be betting that this thing, and most projects in the proposal phase at the moment will not be built. I officially dub the current euphoric rate of condo proposals "the Glut". I give the boom another 12-18 months at the most.