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getting there

The sign for sales office is up (pinnacle uptown)

Anyone have a idea what will be starting price. I been waiting for this project for investment. thanks.
This project has one more step to go before the sales office is open in March. The plan goes before council on Feb 20 for final approval.

Monday night, the planning and development committee approved the plan that will be cap it at 2409 units and to be built in phases over the next 10+ years.

Construction will not get underway until 2013+ and subject to the twinning of the waterline on Hurontario St.

The next phase to follow the building of these towers will be the townhouse and then building the towers toward Hurontario St. The towers and lower levels on Hurontario St will be built last, so they don't interfere with the building of the LRT line and station. At the rate of the EA for the LRT is going at these days alone with funding issues with the province, 10 years most likely become the min time frame for building the LRT line.

The land to the west of Cooksville Creek will be turn over by Pinnacle to the city to be used as a park, park/rec or a park with a storm water holding pond. The City will decide that at some future date.

All buildings will be cap at 34 floors and so much for the sky the limit. My understanding is, all future development in the area will be cap at 34.

Phase 1 will see $50,000 public art with a total of $150,000 for the whole project.

Parking will be 2.05 per unit with some at 1.05. Expect to see 3 to 4 cars show up on move in date, not the 1 0r 2.

The ESSO station is to be redevelop along the lines of the one at Mavis & Burnhamthorpe shortly and there is some issues with the land pertaining to Pinnacle land the Hurontario LRT for it.

There will be no access to the streets north of the development, with a greenbelt between the existing properties and this development. This greenbelt will be used a path system with a bike trail that will crossover the creek at some X location. It will be used by the school also.

The city is still thinking like a village not only on this development, but the other plans that were before them that night.
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Actually a height limit in Mississauga makes sense--there's so much under-developed land there that keeping heights to 10s would actually be a good thing. I would rather see continuous streetwall of 4-10s buildings built over the next 20 years than randomly spaced 75s towers. For example all of Dundas St or Burnhamthorpe or Eglinton should follow the 4-10s avenues-style model. Mississauga could still triple in population with this height limit in place.
from Urbanation's twitter feed, pic of the Pinnacle Uptown MCC master plan...