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This is an improvement over other Sheppard East projects such as Tridel's Atria and Monarch's Heron Hill developments.
Minor Variance application (details below) was applied for but refused, so this is now at TLAB.

The owner is seeking relief from the Zoning By-law to permit a three phased
redevelopment of the site. The proposal includes two 30-storey point towers fronting onto
the north side of Sheppard Avenue East, one 11-storey mid-rise building situated behind
the towers, and a block of 3-storey townhouse units along the rear of the subject site.

In July 2014, City Council adopted site-specific Zoning By-law 1002-2014 to permit the
redevelopment of the Subject Site with a phased mixed-use development under a
different owner. The application now requires variances to reflect several design
refinements to the proposal. The application is also subject to a Site Plan Control
Application (File No.: 13 240117 ESC 40 SA).

Considering the progress, I think it's safe to say that the tenative occupancy is not going to be happening in November 2021. But surely Pinnacle is too big to cancel a project? This plot of land has been empty for as long as I can remember, really look foward to something in the area that isn't boring grey spandrel, "cough" Pharmacy/Sheppard.
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Have been told they take their time, self-fund, and limit pricey marketing. Slow and steady but safer and more immune from external financial factors. That said, would be nice if they updated their buyers more actively. Here's what's an agent told me recently when they inquired: "there's bulldozers at the site and they are getting ready for site servicing prior to construction… They're moving out of that sales office in a few months"
When I was shooting the project next door in late Dec, wasn't sure if the site was close to COVID-19 or it was about ready to be work on. It taken a long time for something to happen for this site.

I guess Red Lobster's will bit the dust in the coming years now.