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the lighting on the above mentioned USB ports drive me crazy as they are never properly lit. Abstract lighting like on Aura to me looks fine if a section is out, it's not as obvious. But when the "USB" ports are not functioning my OCD really kicks in.
March 13, 2024


In the Eaton Centre?
Goodness, that's awful.

Perhaps I’m the one missing the joke here. But I believe PE was making a facetious joke on @MetroMan leaving the forum, and also the persistent joke that the Apple Store at 1 Bloor E was going to have a mezzanine

Edit: Only wanted to clarify so members don’t conflate a joke with a very serious subject matter
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I may be in a very small minority on this, but I would actually prefer if they carried over some of that brownish cladding color (perhaps in the backpainted window wall panels that are being done in grey instead) up the tower. I say that because between all the black, white and grey of this Pinnacle development and the Menkes development to the east (as well as Pier 27 which lacks color outside some of the wood-like trim on the ground floor townhome-like units), this is going to be a very drab/sterile feeling area when it's finished (at least outside the short summer when some of the planned vegetation softens it). The first Pinnacle tower actually has some golden hue panels, but they're limited to the ceiling of the driveway (of all places), because apparently they determined that the only place that should actually have a warmer/more welcoming color palette for pedestrians is the driveway (?). I generally really appreciate the art moderne (homage) styling on the Pinnacle towers (even though the ground realm is generally fairly monolithic/unbroken/lacking articulation) but this area is absolutely dying for some more color