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I'm telling you, I still believe she'll top out before The One does. Book It.
They are still at two floors per week without the RCS fully built out. I believe that it will take at least another month before they get the last kinks. When they do it will probably bump up to being about a floor per per week that they can accomplish depending on if they're pour schedules
At best this should top out OCT 2026 and the One should top out end Feb 2025 unless they shut the project down.
Someone on The One Thread said that SkyGrid is not gonna do anything to the Exoskeleton/Exterior of the Building, which I’m glad that they aren't because they are halfway up the tower. It would be a waste of time of they just shut it down.

Now for the interior, maybe they can do somethin’ there since it's under new management, but other than the outside structure and all that stuff, it'sfar too late for that.
Taken 29 February.

There are lots of ways to measure a building. The highest occupied floor is 287.1m but Urban Toronto typically measures to the top of the mechanical/roof which is 298.1m. The tip of the antennae is 355m.

All of these are measured from lowest public entrance from outdoors. Due to slope of the ground, these points can vary by a bit depending on how you choose the "bottom" point.

IMO, buildings should be measured from the lowest occupied slab, often the lowest underground parking level, to the highest architectural element but nobody aside from me does that: roughly 310m for FCP. A building on an above ground parking podium shouldn't be encouraged.

The 298 metres has been copied and pasted over and over again to become the official height.
Using google earth pro you can measure building heights I tested it on a bunch of buildings and its within 1-2m, with FCP its 293m to the top of the mech penthouse...

FCP doesn't have 72 floors either. It has 71. The top floor is labeled as 72 or an even numbered floor because of the two storey elevator system.