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The hawk pic is looking up about 18 floors and taken with an iPad hand held in front of a spotting scope. It’s not perfectly vertical so with the perspective it may look a bit off.

As for the balcony divider, it appears intentional to have it truncated on an angle. Perhaps to not deter from the overall composition of the balconies. And you can speak/see your neighbour at the end.

At night we can see lights in about 30-40 units, so it’s starting to get occupied, but this unit where the hawk was did not have any lights. I think it spent 2 nights roosting there, but it has moved on.

The hawk was on the crane boom one morning and then abruptly flew off it when the crane swung around. I watched it climb in altitude in a circle before landing on this balcony. Fun to observe.
^ Flagging @Northern Light for bird identification, please...

You rang?

That is one very well fed Red Tailed Hawk.

This is a picture I took of one down on the Leslie Spit in April of last year:


They are the largest bird of prey you will regularly see in Toronto; though Bald Eagles do pass through regularly. However, the nearest nesting pair I'm aware of is down at RBG in Hamilton.
Not sure why, as it would make it easier for someone to cross to the next balcony.
Could be to reduce wind resistance on the unanchored corner, to reduce window washer ropes from getting caught, or maybe to allow neighbours to speak to each other.
Individual Developers running silo-ed Housing Lottery processes is a mistake... that we keep making over and over and over again...

There should be a uniform criteria ranking need for all those who seek affordable or RGI housing.

Those who have the greatest need in each stream should get first dibs.

There's some logic to some level of geographic division, obviously affordable housing in Sudbury is of little interest to the typical Toronto resident, and likewise, someone in Scarborough may not be keenly interested in housing Etobicoke.

But, I think doing lists building by building or hyper-small areas isn't at all reasonable either.
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