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Just the tip

They used most of it here.View attachment 408781
Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

Although sights like this here and at The One do make me wonder about something... If you have to use that much steel on a wall or floor to fortify it why not just skip the concrete and make the wall/floor entirely out of steel
We don't tend to embed ventilation ducts in concrete. Ducts are generally mounted to the underside of slab and then boxed in with steel studs to create a bulkhead. The closest to embedding ducts would be when moving air across elevations, and even then they tend to leave a slab opening and then run the ducts through the hole.

Not sure who the HVAC sub is on this, sorry.
The mechanical penthouse is concrete and rebar/steel... you're looking at the outside "crown" perimeter which is steel and glass (which apparently is accessible from penthouse units).

October 2021