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I can't help but wonder if seeing the recently completed CIBC Square 1 made them rethink the crystal/chamfered direction out of concern that it might be too similar to what is happening there. Maybe they wanted to make the three phases more cohesive so they decided to pursue a direction more influenced by phase 1... Obviously speculation but I am curious to know what the thought process was like behind the scenes here. Emphur is correct in that this is essentially a re-skin - albeit a dramatic and unexpected one!

It is odd though, considering they've commissioned high quality marketing renders for the previous design and even had a huge sales model built! It looks like the materials here will be basically the same as what is happening on phase 1 plus the inclusion of white metal vs silver... Phase 1 has turned out nicely so I have no doubt this will look good as well. I do worry about how they'll execute some of those lower balcony details, but I guess we'll find out soon enough.
After my initial shock, I'm actually liking the organic "spinal" look to the podium transition in the new version. Anyway, here's where we're at today. P3 formwork on south side, and P4 poured on north side.

What I believe they tried to do was to open up the view from within the units to look out. The gold fins where obstructions of the the view and on some floors I would assume it really wasn't in the best location.
In some ways it looks more futuristic and cleaner. The real worry is if they cheap out on the glass or concrete whitening.
I was worried about that too. But I think it's more an exercise to make the 3 buildings more consistent with each other design ways. So quality of materails may not be sacrifice in doing so. It will just look different from what we getting used to before the recent changes where announced.
While they're adding changes here ! Might as well add on an observation deck on top the building. For viewing purposes of the city and harbourfront etc for the public .
How would you propose to get people up there, by helicopter?

The updated design looks more like the older one than it appears - the renderings are in different lighting making the new one look 'cheaper'. The real proof would be in the actual material.
The balconies are definitely bolder and whitened (and wider in Sky Tower) making the buildings more Toronto-esque.

I still think these will look great on the skyline. We can lament all day over new renders, but this will ultimately come down to materials, and the execution of Phase 1 gives me hope.

EDIT: seems as though I used an even older render of Sky Tower. @emphur is correct, the balconies are essentially unchanged besides the whitening.
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I'd call the redesign more of a lateral move, not necessarily worse or better. They're nice enough buildings but I still think they're pretty conservative for such a prominent, landmark location. I mean if not for their height, would these really stand out?