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It's not bad, but yea welcome to toronto. I'm still holding out a little hope for two reasons, one phase one looks awful here but has turned out really good irl. Two, maybe we'll still get a height bump and this design will be irrelevant..?
Well this is interesting. Didn't expect Sky Tower to get a visual overhaul like this, so late in the game. The vertical Zaha-Hadid-esque banding integrates the design with the podium much more elegantly in this new iteration IMO.
Are those renderings current? They depict a different design for phase 1 than what has been built.
They are current. They get the broad strokes correct, if leaving out some detail. Here they are cropped for your inspection.


Honestly, I am surprised to see how my post of yesterday changed the momentum and the trend of this forum.

Yesterday, I expressed my opinion about the poor architectural style of the former vision of the project. I wanted an international style quality architecture like the Hermitage Plaza in Paris, or the look of Crown Sydney.

The actual look of the towers didn't meet my high expectations unfortunately.

Even if I don't like the architectural style, I am glad it's will not be an eyesore or a monstriousity. It is my consolation. If the quality of the material are good, the final look can turn out to be OK.

I prefer the towe 3 now because the balconies look less gross than before.

It could be okay if if the project is well executed.
Yeah, that did get watered down to more a glass and balcony pallet. Shame really, as the only thing it's got going for it now in the iconic department now is it's it's uniqueness has gotten mostly valued engineered out. /sigh

Is that so? Isn't it interesting then how there's nothing really iconic about the first tower and yet it's been referred to as the best tower on the waterfront. Aside from CIBC Square perhaps, though that's on the other side of the Gardiner.