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Three pics yesterday and today. Trucks in queue at 7 am and a concrete pour 4pm on a Friday.
Just moved in across the street in July and have been taking a picture once every few days. (Trying to from the same spot at least).
Here's a little gif of the progress so far that I've seen.

Keep them coming @deaner
What exactly was delivered for phase 2?
The dirt or crushed stone dumped outside the north end of the construction zone is gone. Either they cancelled the ground breaking ceremony and the next two phases or they needed the material for phase 1. I was wondering if another fence push out was in the works? :)
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From City budget docs (PF&R):. Page 39 of
Lower Yonge Community Centre Construction
 This community centre's structural shell will be delivered as a Section 37 contribution from the developer
with costs entirely borne by the developer for the design, construction and provision of the shell to the City
through a freehold strata conveyance. The fit-out of this 4,772 square meter (approximately 51,000 square
feet) community centre will be funded by the Parks, Forestry and Recreation Capital Budget.
 The community centre will occupy a small lobby space on the ground story and the entirety of the second
story, with frontage on Freeland and Harbour Street. It will be designed as a neighbourhood landmark,
including as its anchors a double gymnasium and a six-lane, 25-metre pool, in addition to the provision of 2
elevators with 3 designated staff vehicle parking spaces, 9 designated covered and secured staff bicycle
parking spaces, and 30 designated shared visitor parking spaces located at grade in close proximity to the
community centre.

 Funding for the fit-out of the Lower Yonge Street Community Centre is included in the Staff Recommended
2019 – 2028 Capital Budget and Plan with cash flow totaling $12.5 million over 2020-2022, funded by
Parkland Development CIL Reserve Fund