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Jul 4, 2012
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PICKERING -- Pickering could soon be home to a massive new tourist development that includes a casino, hotel, waterpark, performing arts centre and outdoor amphitheatre.

Earlier this month the City of Pickering received an application to rezone three parcels of land located on the north side of Bayly Street, west of Church Street.

A memo to council says the applicant, Pickering Developments, is looking to rezone the vacant lands to accommodate a tourist destination dubbed ‘Durham Live’.

The proposal could potentially include a casino, five-star hotel, convention centre, performing arts centre, outdoor amphitheatre, movie theatre, restaurant plaza, waterpark, boutique hotel, botanical gardens, fitness centre, spa, community recreation centre and commercial offices.

“It will be one of the must go and see destinations in Ontario for young and old alike,†reads a planning rationale report for the project. The current zonings on the property allow storage and manufacturing uses, and don’t permit some of the proposed tourism projects, such as a casino or hotel. Since there is no zoning category that allows for all the proposed uses, the aim is to create a site-specific zoning category called ‘Major Tourist Destination’.

“This is a very exciting proposal, it bodes well for the city that this sort of investment is looking to locate here,†said Councillor David Pickles. “We could be looking at hundreds of millions in investment, tens of thousands in tax dollars...and thousands of jobs. This could end up being the major entertainment centre for Durham.â€

The lands total about 90 hectares. City staff said the applicant is proposing to develop 55 hectares and leave the remaining 35 hectares as “natural heritage systems.â€

Thomas Melymuk, Pickering’s director of city development, said in an e-mail signs will be posted on the property once the application has been circulated to abutting agencies and land owners.

He said a public information meeting is tentatively planned for April 7, and a City staff recommendation report will follow in June or July.

“This is just the beginning of the process,†said Councillor Kevin Ashe.

He said there are many questions to be answered, including how the proposed development might impact traffic and nearby wetlands, and whether Pickering can support more restaurants and retail.

“There are impressive job opportunities and impressive tourism opportunities,†Coun. Ashe noted.

chances of this actually happening, roughly 0.05%. It honestly looks like the developer just took whatever that isn't a "traditional" land use and stuck it in. Casino! Auditorium! Film studio! convention centre!
Right, instead of a bunch of anti-casino councilors deciding what's best for Etobicoke, or for that matter Toronto, lets have a referendum on the ballot of this next election and see what the voters say.

Uh, I think that if Rob Ford and Co actually did some leading on the casino debate, council would have approved expanding gambling facilities at Woodbine. It was not nearly as contentious as a new downtown casino.
Uh, I think that if Rob Ford and Co actually did some leading on the casino debate, council would have approved expanding gambling facilities at Woodbine. It was not nearly as contentious as a new downtown casino.
Very ambitious project....they paid $8.8million for the three land parcels.
well considering it is several square kilometers of valuable industrial development lands, that isn't that much.
So Pickering Council voted on this tonight

Natalie Duddridge ‏@CityNatalie 37m

#Pickering council has voted 4-3 to approve zoning for a 1.6 + billion dollar tourism destination project #DurhamLive

Clarification: #Pickering council has voted to instruct staff to move forward with zoning bylaw ie. 1 step closer to #DurhamLive
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Plans for the wide-scale development have officially been approved.

The project, called Durham Live, has recently received approval from the Ontario Municipal Board and will be moving forward with construction in its Pickering site, located at the northwest corner of Church and Bayly. With a hefty budget of $1.3 billion, the project hopes to make Durham a top tourist hub in the GTA



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Did they get the casino kerfuffle sorted out?

I remember there was a whole lawsuit over which part of the 905 would get a casino.
They have one In Ajax, not that I am poo pooing on this project. I actually love this for that location and in Pickering. Pickering has been trying for years to develop into a nice city with a downtown.. Ajax finally catching up to Pickering... although they still don’t have a real mall. But are great for having 2000 plazas. If you drive. This ties in nice with the new go station bridge to the mall. All futuristic looking.