Toronto Peter and Adelaide | 152.39m | 47s | Graywood | BBB

Taken Feb 27, 2023
You keep posting bad comments for different pre-construction sites, what's your goal ?

To be fair;

a) this site is under construction, not pre-construction; and

b) This is Urban Toronto where we are broadly, as a community pro-development, but also have seen enough to know quality when we see it, and the absence of same.
This development has had lots of poor reviews on its aesthetics from lots of posters, myself included.

While some of that is a matter of personal preference; some is as close to objective as one could hope for (columns obstructing the windows)......
We're not a crowd of cheerleaders here. Not all criticism is fair; and some, is again, a matter of taste; but in this case, there's an awful lot here to critique and it's an uphill battle to defend it.
It’s like a cut and paste from nearby buildings, but not as nice.
Beige portion: The Hudson, to the west
Red portion: Boutique Condos, to the east
Gray portion: Design Haus on College to the north