Mississauga Parkside Village: Avia 1 & 2 | ?m | 50s | Amacon | Turner Fleischer

It'll be neat to see what designs they choose for these towers. Hopefully it doesn't end up being a clone of what's been built in PSV previously.

Whatever it looks like, I'm excited for it to start reducing the impact that the Daniels developments have on the skyline. They'll be significantly reduced in views from the west.
According to the map, thats Block 1E with the current thread being for the block (block 11) to the south. Block 1W is to the west.

The thread I started for Block 1E was Parkside Village: Block 1 E (Amacon Development, 5s + 20s + 45s + 7s, E I Richmond Architects Ltd) and Block 1W was Parkside Village: Block 1 West (Amacon, 5s + 24s + 24s + 34s, E I Richmond Architects Ltd).

There was agreement made at a Council meeting between the city, developer and the condo owners for the building north of these site that low density would go on Sq One Dr that is to be built between the 2 sites as well a max height as noted above.

All the excess density would be move to other sites from these 2 block 1's, especially Block 11 that would house the tallest tower for the area. Parkside Village: Avia (Block 11, Amacon Development, 7s + 12s + 55s, E I Richmond Architects Ltd)

I haven't heard a thing on Avia since early this year and was to be contracted when it was to move to market. From what I was told early this year, Avia was to go where block 11 is and part of the city park system.

It wouldn't surprise me based on what has taken place for M City, The OMB ruling for this site is now going to see more density and taller buildings, over ridding the ruling, not what I have noted. Block 6 which is the current sales office was to be Parkside Village: Block 6 (Amacon Development, 5s + 48s + 40s + 5s + 3s Townhouses, E I Richmond Architects Ltd)
This rendering has been floating around on some realtor sites and Kijiji ads.

Block 11 is to the south of Block 1E & 1W that will house the tallest building for the whole site.

There is a thread for Block 1E & 1W and therefore the blocks need the be rename. I used block 11 since the density was shift there and that was supposed the next area to be develop since Block 1's were reduce. Looks like another shifting of density to have taller towers on block 1s now.

One hopes that hight for the other blocks can be increase, with M3 to be the tallest in the city now.
Oct 15
Note change to thread title to reflect the site location and size. AVIA 1 at 50s will be on the corner of Sq One Dr and Confederation Dr and that will piss off the condos owner to the north since the towers were to a lot shorter. AVIA 2 at 38s to the south-west.

Block 1W will be shorter towers and south of Sq One Dr.

Block 11 that is on Confederation is to be taller and may include a hotel that still in the planning stage. The current plan calls for 17,000 units for the whole site.