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The city and Amacon have move the density and towers around to suite the New Sq One Dr at the north of the site.
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On the proposed plan updated recently, it mentions a 55 + 40 + 12 + 7 storey buildings. I was just wondering if this was a new update
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The new plan was part of the presentation to council on Monday and was agreed to by all parties. Those townhouses in the above link are for Block 3 & 5 not part of the original plan.

Finally going to see more buildings over 45's even if it is 1 at this time. Time to shot for a 60.

I believe vietbo1 was asking about the 40 storey tower on page 11 of the site plan. What townhomes are you referring to?

The title of this thread makes no mention of the 40 storey tower. Is block 11 no longer going to have the 40 storey tower as per the site plan?
Amacon is now launching Avia .... their latest phase in Parkside Village.... location will be Block 1, and it will be 2 towers.... mods, can you can change the title to reflect the name Avia ....thx
I believe this is the Avia site. Here is the site as per plans back in 2012

We should know anytime if it is or Block 1 West or Block 1 East is. Both blocks are at the north end next to the plan Sq One Dr extension to Rathburn that will between the existing towers to the north and block 1.

The last block to be built will be Block 6, current site of the sales office.

There was a major VIP event not only for this site, but also for Edgetowers and the Mississauga Square Condo On Oct 14.
So will Block 1 or 11 be built next?
I suspect it will be Block 11 due to the higher hight over the 2 block 1 and to compete with M City. Since density has been moved around a number of times since 2012, the hight of the building will most likely different than original plan including this block. I have requested info on Avia a few months ago, but nothing was been given out until the official release of it, including location.

Since there was a huge VIP turn out for Avia today, we should know this week which location will be use for it. By doing block 11 next, it will allow the city to start building on block 2 & 10 for the City park land

After both block 1's are done, Block 6 the sale site will be the last block to be built
Was over to the sells office a few days ago and no update info what is plan for this site, but the next to be built.

They haven't started on rebuilding the gutted layout rooms yet in the sells office.

With M City M1 ready to break ground in the next month, I guess Amacom is spending more time coming up with better designs than what has been built so far for their site, as well going taller to compete with M City.

Would be nice to see more towers in the 60s range, leaving Absoute towers behind as the first to break the 40s ceiling with their 50s+ ceiling.
Would be nice to see more towers in the 60s range, leaving Absoute towers behind as the first to break the 40s ceiling with their 50s+ ceiling.

I think Mississauga in the next 10 yrs will have a couple iconic towers in the 250-300 meter range to compliment the 50s-60s buildings going up now, it's just a matter of time
This may be part of Avia...


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