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The one that came to mind first is the CF tower by the Eaton Centre.
Architect is Turner Fleischer.....and Lifetime paid $51.5 million for the site....

The World’s Biggest Bookstore on Edward St, a tourist attraction for many years, will soon be a thing of the past (from now on you can call it The World's Biggest Former Bookstore), with an industry source confirming to Bisnow the formal sale of the property for $51M. It had been reported previously in the media that the buyer is Lifetime Developments. There has been no confirmation as yet on what will be developed on the land—prime location just off of Yonge, north of Dundas, a short walk from the Eaton Centre. The bookstore will close to the public this month.
- from realestatebisnow
hmm, there's a building in that render on some side of the site ?

Think I'd much prefer 2 buildings with retail at the base, seems like much better utilization ... though maybe by having the retail on the side, they can ensure to get resturants and not wory about condo boards or what not ... hmm, that could be it !
Perhaps the Residential is set back further from Edward Street.

I don't think Lifetime paid 52 million dollars for this lot to sell sushi...