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They need to redo the logo now to something a lot more generic.

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I'm confused.
Is it still three towers?
and did they lop off the stepped-top for all the towers or just some of them?
The change is unfortunate as it's the most distinguishable part of the design.
Wow, that redesign looks horrible. Really disappointed, I was excited for this one. Doesn't even match their damn logo anymore. I hope that for the sake of continuity, they change the design of the first phase too. Having them next to each other is going to look like garbage. Easier to fit more units in and make more money when all the floor plates are the same size I guess.

I also noticed that the phase two tower is rendered in the spot where the tallest should be. Perhaps the tallest has been moved to the middle? If so that is going to look weird.

Edit: I actually just noticed something. This is pretty much the same design of the tallest phase but with only the full sized floors present. The top 15 have just been chopped off.
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Based on all comment made before councils, the tallest building is at Hurontario.

I do agree that the current design is a step down to what was proposed for the site in the first place.

I have never supported this stand alone in the park like most Mississauga is and have recommend a townhouse podium that runs the full length of Elm with doors to the street. Where the driveways are to go, you build over them like a number of projects the last 5 years in Toronto.

A logo is a logo and not based on the plan design, since it is only 3 towers, not 5/4.

What is going to happen from Elm to the development to the south on Hurontario is still unknown due to the other developer who owns that land and wants something different. He came up with a clueless idea at the planning meeting and it has gone no where. He miss the gravy train.
Looking at the sign last week, they are showing the first 2 towers at the Elm and Hurontario. No change to the site yet.
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I'm glad they didn't turn the first phase into a full box too. I can see what they're trying to do with the design now but it still sucks compared to what they had earlier.
Two tower rendering in high-res:

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