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So when they make this northern extension to Don Mills, is it going to be elevated ??

How many stops are there in-between?

Really don't see why this wasn't in the first scope of design
All the way to sheppard should have been in the first design to end all the sheppard subway talk.
If I was gonna guess, the OL ending at Eglinton is probably because MX, while doing the studies on Relief Line North had at least figured out that the alignment needed to go to Don Mills and Eglinton. Which tbh, was pretty obvious. But we also know from those studies they had 2 options under consideration beyond that. Either up Don Mills to the Line 4 station at Sheppard, or to cross the Don Valley and go up Victoria Park (with Line 4 being extended to meet it). Both with their own advantages. Now given how secretive MX is, we have no idea if those studies were ever finished (I'd guess they were paused in order to reallocate resources to OL planning) or if they even have a preferred alignment for OL North at this point. We've seen what are essentially fantasy drawings of some weird loop concept, but nothing of any real substance so I don't think much stock should be put in those.
So when they make this northern extension to Don Mills, is it going to be elevated ??

How many stops are there in-between?

Really don't see why this wasn't in the first scope of design
The current Ontario Line will be going past Wynford Drive (just south of the CP rail bridge) This tells us it will likely keep going north on Don Mills and have a minimum of 3 stops at Lawerence (Shops at Don Mills), York Mills and Sheppard (Fairview mall), if we are lucky we will get Finch (Seneca College) this is likely if Metrolinx envisions at Finch East LRT extension.

However, you never know with Metrolinx and they may throw a curveball (see below image where Metrolinx was exploring pathways for relief line north). It can also go on the below paths:

1) Curve East along the CP rail corridor and go north on Victoria Park (would be an expensive option as it would have to cross over the DVP and a ravine/valley also the Sheppard East Subway extension will probably be completed after the OL North Extension so their will be a weird lag time)
2) Go North on Don Mills but curve west and meet the Sheppard Line at Leslie Station / Oriole Go (this would be too west imo as people on busses or on the Sheppard line might as well go west for another 2 stops till the Yonge Line which would create more congestion on the Yonge Line)
3) Another option not in the below image would be along the DVP / 404 (I doubt it since there is not much density close by )

Most likely option imo is north on Don Mills till Sheppard or Finch - it would the least expensive option and could be all above ground and would be a quick build maybe 2.5 - 3 years at most) Followed by this an extension to Highway 7 BRT (Highway 16 is impossible in our lifetimes but one can hope)

For more information visit the Ontario Line North Extension forum -

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Is that a good thing or a bad thing lol?

P.S. they changed the title of the discussion from Relief Line North (i.e. from Pape to Eglinton) so lot of the beginning pages are irrelevant / moot at this point.
I'm just saying that most of this has been discussed before, so those that are interested, could find the answers there. And of course discuss it there.

This thread was also moved from a Downtown Relief Line thread! We are approaching the 16th anniversary (🎂) of this thread! It's almost old enough to drive, rather than waiting for the subway! :)
That old CIBC branch is classed as a "Contributing Property" under the Queen West Heritage Conservation District Plan - that is to say, it's protected within the Queen Street Heritage Conservation District.

There is a long list of the heritage and other properties impacted by the Ontario Line construction in the Ontario Line TPAP at page xlvii.

It's good to see the effort ML has made to retain key attributes of these properties where possible.

- Paul