Toronto Ontario Court of Justice Toronto | 95.7m | 17s | Infrastructure ON | Renzo Piano

Oct 13, 2019


A couple photogs in the mix.







Gives you a nice idea where the walkway/planters will be in front of the building in those pics.
You are losing your view to a RPBW building - I wish I have that privilege.


That would be a fair point, but this particular project by RPBW is a glass box. The end result will quite likely be a building of lesser significance than City Hall (visible from the window in question) and probably a less interesting view that the current view of the financial district from that window.
Renders of RPBW usually aren't all that spectacular, it's their incredible attention to detail and materials that always pushes their projects a step above.
I have no doubt the detailing will be fine, but my point is it doesn't take a lot of effort to properly detail aluminum, curtain wall and precast concrete.

I just find it to be a really boring, tame design that in my opinion reflects the provinces desire for a building with the RPBW name, rather than the RPBW look.
It's a courthouse. It has functions that require specific floor plate arrangements, and while I am no architect, I imagine that dictates major aspects of the design.
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Agreed ^ which is why I am convinced the interiors will be the real show stopper here. The exterior design is literally nothing to write home about.