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You bring up a good point. Nobody needs to live in any specific location. There are always more affordable and less affordable places. Hence the claim that we have an affordability crisis is a sham. You don't always get what you want.

It almost seems contemptuous at this point. How can it be so difficult to coordinate utility work? I get there are emergencies and surprises, but it just happens so frequently. I also don't know why the city can't or won't mandate that the streetscape is returned to its original condition. Waiting until the next replacement cycle with asphalt patches everywhere is unacceptable.

Not sure if that will be the case here, but I can say there are probably asphalt patches that could apply for heritage designation by now.
there were dug up areas that aren't part of the concrete walkways, you can see one to the right of the walkway in my pic. Contractors weren't Toronto Hydro
i simple detail that would add a minor design plus, would be lighting the toothpick spire at night. (if it's not already done which I haven't seen).