Toronto One Bloor East | 257.24m | 76s | Great Gulf | Hariri Pontarini

How do I resize it? And why wasn't that a problem before?
If you have a Mac, it's very easy to do with Preview: just go to Tools and Adjust Size. Our suggestion is to bring it down to 1280 pixels wide.

No need to use red and bold, BTW. People still answer questions posted in normal text!

Just upload it to imgur, and copy the BBcode link. It will automatically imbed and imgur does its own jpeg compression to lower the file size.
More of the supports for the glass canopy going up the past few days.



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Interesting how the glass canopy will extend to a consistent line over the sidewalk despite the building deking in and out.

I am most impressed by what I have seen of the retail facade so far - they aren't building it so that retailers can hide anything. I can't think of all that many instances of structural walls w glass fin/spider fittings used by condo towers (I think Ice got it too).