Toronto One Bloor East | 257.24m | 76s | Great Gulf | Hariri Pontarini


I work at Church Street And Bloor and have been seeing this tower grow the past year.. Too bad I can't post pictures yet...
The white balcony glass makes it more way more obvious. Compare the bottom half of Benito's last pic to the top half. Just the white paint on the balonies make all the difference
It doesn't appear as though there will be much discernible waviness to the exterior, unless the balcony glass is of different colours or differing contrast depending on their depth.

If not, the only visible wave will likely be the glass panel.
Great shots. Lots of different angles. Thanks for uploading those.

The shots from Ted Rogers way were especially interesting, as I don't think we've had any west-facing shots from Bloor St yet, at least not in recent memory. With Casa II rising and whatchamacallit right beside it reaching grade in the coming months, Church and Bloor will really have a different look.

Hopefully the hospital develops the lot on the s/w corner sooner rather than later...