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I'd think that this corner would be perfect for a hotel location as well as retail. While the previous 1BE did not impress everyone, the mix for that area was appropriate.
Think again, they have already prepared us for something much less on the site so temper your expectations, its a Canadian project now - so sad - it had such potential.

I think Great Gulf will give us something a lot better than Bazis' proposal. I am very confident we will see something that is at a minimum at par with the rest of Great Gulf's latest projects. They are no slouch when it comes to quality designed (high-rise) buildings, as proof with the countless number of times UT members have praised their portfolio. I expect to see their best design for this site, and what we've heard from them in the last month has primarily been confirmation they purchased the site and the importance of the corner. I am not expecting to see a design revealed in the near future as I expect them to take their time to put something together. Not to mention the time it takes to get a project ready and especially one that will be monitored by many.

As a side note, will the 1 Bloor East proposal make the next edition of Unbuilt Toronto?
Think again, they have already prepared us for something much less on the site so temper your expectations, its a Canadian project now - so sad - it had such potential.

Great Gulf is putting up one of the best buildings in this city in ages - X Condos - and they've done a great job on other projects too, so yeah, things are looking up.

"It's a Canadian project now." Wah wah wah!

GG has a pretty impressive track record, I wouldn't read too much into the language about "fitting in" to the Y+B area.

Who's willing to go with my prediction that we see two 50's-60's on this site instead of one 50 or 60 storey tower? Financing would be easier, they'd sell like hotcakes at market rates and the size of the site could easily support it.

Absolutely agree..makes sense as well..with a small square to keep everyone happy. And more Bazis talk..enough with them (obviously!) Why would anyone wish them to still be involved?! As mentioned by quite a few already GGH is an excellent, reputable builer,,just look at 18 Yorkville and X. They will do something good and not bland with the site. I agree with around $700 + per sq foot..if not more by the time it starts selling.
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Weak. Very weak.

Why wouldn't they want something to oh, I don't know, STAND OUT, SHIMMER, INSPIRE AWE, IMPRESS, rather than fit in?

Sounds like they're already preparing us for a bland, safe, conservative, middle-of-the-road building.

You are making a very weighted assumption to say that what they are going to create is bland and conservative.

"Fitting in" doesn't even mean a bland design in many situations. Also, simpler designs can indeed "shimmer" and "impress".

Great Gulf is also playing their cards right-- take note of how Bazis did NOT. Units priced "to market" (instead of pretending we live in a world where everybody is filthy rich and debt is no issue) will be a great service to the area. And-- GASP-- it could be 65 floors and that's still tall! Height is not the most important factor here, folks.
65+55 by aA is my guess. I'm thinking something that goes beyond Ice in terms of design.

I bet you will be close to correct.

All I ask for is a tall podium that goes right up to the sidewalk. If they want to throw in some 'public' space, make it a nice alley on the west side (as has already been suggested).
I want a midrise podium, a big chunky one.

I want more than anything, a strip of public space along Yonge Street, to create a very dynamic intersection with more than just hulking buildings on each corner.***

I want a design NOT by aA unless it's something really different for them. To be honest, I wish we got a tower by Hariri Pontarini here. Strange but I have an idea in my mind.

***Failure to do so would epitomize the reason why cities like Berlin are so much smarter about public spaces. We seem to think here that even the most strategized setback of a building from the sidewalk is anti-urban, when really we could create an awesome public space at this important intersection. (The smallish but every so useful Potsdamerplatz is the sort of thing I have in mind.) Union Square down by the Telus Tower is an example of something done better in Toronto to address the "people space" idea.

And with Yonge Street having no "break space" or "resting space" or even breathing space from the constant density (low/midrise density mainly), there is really no reason, IMO, that public space WOULDN'T be created here.
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I would love to see a Saucier + Perrotte design here.

YES! If not them, then Hariri Pontarini, but no-- that's a fantastic idea :). I would love to see what they would come up with.

Something outward thinking but still Canadian would be nice. Not a Toronto design, but a Canadian one. Saucier+Perrotte would be up for that.