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Well Teeple says the towers are Bronze in the Toronto Star article, but I know because I'm working on the scale model for this building. I'm not allowed to do anything other than confirm what's already been announced though, sorry :/
I will say the material selection for the building sounds great on paper!

Fascinating. I'm looking forward to seeing more. I hope the distinctive features of the design don't get removed as time goes on.
When does this start construction? I used to work at the Maison Mercer club. I'd love to check it out one more night before it closes.
I have another render of the project the night .
The source is


Link the image
This building's exterior will be easiest to appreciate from a distance. Mercer Street's open space is quite limited due to a narrow roadway and sidewalks, as well as the buildings built right up to the sidewalk. The streetscape renderings show the ideal perspective from the laneway next to Le Germain Hotel, but it looks like there's more public space in front of the property than there really is.
Nobu Toronto execs say they're not concerned about real estate bubble
TORONTO -- Executives behind the star-powered Nobu Toronto development, which includes 660 condominium suites, a hotel, and the first Nobu Restaurant in Canada, say they're not concerned about a real estate bubble in the city.

Founded by chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Academy Award winner Robert De Niro and Hollywood producer Meir Teper, the Nobu brand grew from a New York restaurant into a stable of high-end eateries and hotels around the world.

Matsuhisa and De Niro attended a press conference in Toronto on Tuesday where project backers said they're not concerned with temporary fluctuations in the market.

They said they believe buyers would consider a condo in the Nobu development a long-term investment.

De Niro said he's attended the Toronto International Film Festival and has shot movies in the city but still has plenty to learn about the local culture.

The "Taxi Driver" star said he's getting a free unit in the development, which could mean the New Yorker will swing by the city more frequently.

"Toronto's a great city, it's got a great film festival," he said. "It's a great city and an important city."
Nice looking towers, quite meis-like with the black exterior and bronze glass (?)- echos of the TD centre. The projects looks better balanced with towers of the same height. It should stand out in that part of town where the point towers have a rather uninteresting sameness.