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Also, its too bad they couldn't pick up the neighbour to the south - the property is on MLS now, albeit for an outrageous price.
If they would have picked it up they could have built in windows on the southern side and made it that much more impressive
The properties making up this development have been boarded up. From a rainy day a couple of weeks ago, taken March 30, 2019:

Project website:

Nice scale and proportions. I'd like to see more of these lining streets like Broadview and Pape.

Agreed on the scale. However, I feel the colour and glass are a little too chi-chi for the strip. I'd prefer a darker palette like the Logan.
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Developer is asking Council to allow them to go for a MINOR VARIANCE to increase the Unit-Count from 30 units to 33 units...

796-802 Broadview Avenue - To Permit Application for Minor Variances