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Planning application for standard rezoning - application for 36 stories above 3 storey podium (39 in total) Commercial in podium with entrance to residential. - 201 residential units - 115 parking spaces - 6 levels below grade parking.

Date Received May 26, 2010

This is the site of the Z-teca burrito place, according to google maps--does that make any sense?

z-teca Gourmet Burritos King St.
327 King Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 1J5
(647) 346-5035

Another Five St Joseph-style development?
This is the site of the Z-teca burrito place, according to google maps--does that make any sense?

With a lot of 949 m2 it has to be has to be more than just the Z-teca place, and likely includes 323 to the east OR 333 (and maybe more) to the west.

This is exactly the kind of thing the city has wanted to avoid: they want to keep the character of the low rise restaurant row on King intact, and why the city fought (unsuccessfully) to keep M5V shorter. Z-teca at least is not an historic building. Historic buildings do exist on either side of it though, so they would have some facades to preserve. I wonder how rocky a ride this proposal will have, who owns it, what architectural vision they have for it, etc., etc., etc...

Yeah, I think it includes the three buildings from z-teca to bistro 333 to verona. I think a Five-styled building would be appropriate--insert the tower behind the old buildings. Interesting that right next door is the Westinghouse proposal. It makes me think the days of MEC and the SDM building are numbered, and could be redeveloped much sooner than even I thought possible. Jolly good.:)
I was at the community meeting for this one.

To provide perspective, imagine looking south on Widmer at Adelaide. This proposal would be in your direct line of site. So urbandreamer, you are correct, the tower would be placed right where you have indicated.

According to the presentation, the facades of the buildings would be preserved and set into the podium, but one of them would serve as the entrance to the condo.

I suspect the days of restaurant row are numbered.
I suspect the days of restaurant row are numbered.

Crazy....So sad to see these go.

Thanks OMB. The city had fought long and hard to preserve a midrise scale along the south end of King Street. I doubt any of these restaurants will last more than 10 years. Hurray, perhaps we'll get some dry cleaners and maybe a couple variety stores! Hurray.
NOOOOOO!! Those are awesome quality joints there...pls say it ain't so. i have many fond moments in many of those small restobars
You've got to be kidding me. This is one of the few stretches that should absolutely not be touched. Even with the facades retained (groan), all character will be destroyed. The lights, the signs, and the pure concentration of unadulterated (if you don't count the many signs) historic buildings give this little strip its character. I really hope this proposal is killed, and buried in cement to never be opened again.

Instant edit to knee-jerk reaction: well, I just checked the Google Maps link (after ranting, of course), and this proposal is actually at the end by a couple less notable buildings. Perhaps something could work, but still, the prime stretch should never be touched. Ever.
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this strip was recently added to the City of Toronto Inventory of Heritage Properties. Some of the buildings in the block are designated, which gives them more protection than just being listed. It seems like 333 (front door address) was listed but 327 (front door address... i.e z-teca) was not... doesn't exactly look original :)
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I seriously doubt this will ever happen.
I think people are a bit confused. THere's no reason this development can't and shouldn't happen. Those restaurants in that image posted above are staying. It's not those that are affected. It's just west of them, and the facades are going to stay anyway. No reason development can't happen, and the facades of those buildings happen, and still retain their charm.