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And a third one west of here at Spadina and Brant.

And there's a Timothy's across the street from M5V, which should be indistinguishable for anyone content with the swill served at Starbucks.

well that one is a few blocks away at least. this one would be DIRECTLY across the street.

and ah coffee snobs... always make me smirk. but if we wanna use silly names, i think all coffee is 'swill'... i'll take a good earl grey over one any day.
King West:

For all those that are worried about condos in the entertainment district ... really nice potential for retail here ... what's the fear ?
The extra unit in the box, displacing the red cladding for what's presumably the mechanical room really diminished the strength of the design.

Lurking for years, finally decided to join and post.

It has been a month since this thread has been updated but there has been a positive change to this building.

Taken today.

Wish they had continued the cladding up behind the glass though.