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I watched a car drive down the cycle lane between York and Bay yesterday evening. Unbelievable.

EDIT: Actually, looking back at the photos on the previous page, I suspect he'd come out of the RBC Waterpark Place parking garage, and turned right directly into the cycle path. The path could use some centre line trail-style paint to make it visibly different to the roadway.

Correction: Our driver licensing standards could use some tweaking to get idiots off the roads.


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Oct 3
I give very little hope these trees will be around in a few years. All the planting should have been done on the south side before the crew went home. I guess they will start on the north side on Thursday and that will make things more a bitch for By St left turn. It was a bitch today watching duel illegal left turns from the through lanes, them what new these days for this area. Hell, drivers were blocking both the crosswalks and north south lanes to the point there was no room to walk between the fools.




In my native country, they sanded the roads in winter and we had more snow and lower temperatures than Toronto. Why can't Toronto do the same?
That is because salt stops working at certains temperatures, forcing Colder cities to use Sand instead. In Toronto - the city rarely experiences temps that cold therefore its salt is salt ... and more salt. It's something I hate very much too.