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I understand that the City is about to start work on the EAST side of the Ship Channel bascule bridge - they fixed the west side of it last year. I assume the Martin Goodman trail will need to move to the west side while work is going on.

Once the east side is finished, Ports Toronto will fix the mechanicals of the bridge (2024?) and it will be painted - all is supposed to be done by 2025

Just a few pics from my balcony today ... it's been awhile.

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Is the North Cherry Street bridge due to open this summer?
That is still the plan afaik. The work on Cherry just south of the rail berm is complete, the new traffic lights are up at Cherry and Lake Shore , the new roadbed between Lake Shore Blvd and Commissioners is virtually complete (All the underground stuff is done, awaiting concrete and asphalt.) The contract to demolish the existing lift bridge over the Don is awarded.
Last year Ports Toronto and the City fixed the west side of the Ship-Channel bascule bridge. This year they will do the east side and I just got this update from Ports Toronto:

"Construction on the east side of the Ship Channel Bridge will commence this summer from June – October 2022 (estimated).

The portion of Martin Goodman Trail across the bridge will be closed and cyclists and pedestrians will be re-directed to east side via a temporary crosswalk north of bridge."

In 2024 the actual metal bridge structure will be repaired and repainted.
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I don't recall this being posted, but perhaps it has, if so, my apologies.

Renders of the Destination Playground at Promentory Park: * (described as design possibilities)

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Source: same as above
Add beer gardens, pubs, and playgrounds, like they have in Germany.

If you can have a beer as you BBQ in your backyard, as your kids and neighbourhood kids play on the backyard playground, why can't we do the same with park playgrounds in Toronto?


Restaurant with a traditional beer garden "Aumeister" with a children's playground