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Think of that truck headed to Loblaws, The LCBO, Crappy Tire, or your local dinner. How does that affect the price they charge them (ultimately us), if they are sitting over 3 hours just to travel 2 KMs? We all pay one way or another for bad planning.
Sure. If your point is that we all pay a price to some extent then I would agree. But I was replying to someone who specifically said that all transit routes are affected by traffic, which isn't true.
Some revised (i.e postponed) dates on WT site - Agenda and Board Book for next week's FARM Committee:

Additional info on Lake Shore Blvd East work - including first confirmation I have seen that the City approved the removal of the Harbour Lead Rail Line. This from the FARM Committee book for next week's meeting.

The following represents the financial status of the projects as of Q2 2022/23:  The anticipated total project cost and approved funding is $163.2 million.  Current commitments equal $94.3 million.  Costs incurred to date equal $43.8 million.  $5.7 million of the project contingency is unallocated and is available for future risks and unknowns.
The key accomplishments for Q2 include: 
  • City provided Release for Construction for Lake Shore Boulevard East, Bridge and Public Realm with removal of Harbour Lead Line 
  • Progressed design for electrical works on Lake Shore Boulevard East 
  • Enbridge received Leave to Construct from Ontario Energy Board for temporary and permanent relocation of NPS 20 gas 
  • Received approval from THESL for duct bank on Lake Shore Bridge 
  • Progressed with construction of wet utilities and clean cap on south side of Lake Shore Boulevard East 
  • Progressed with construction of piers and abutments for east bound Lake Shore Bridge 
  • Progress with installation of temporary dock walls and protection on east bound Lake Shore Bridge 
  • Progress with temporary relocation of watermain on west side of Lake Shore Bridge
The info on the rail line seems to be that the City and Ports Toronto are in a legal fight... The real problem is that Metrolinx has disconnected it from the main line so even if Ports Toronto were allowed to keep it, it cannot be used.

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So basically nothing new or exciting to see until Summer 2023. Enjoy the long, cold winter and spring!
Does anybody have insite on when they expect to re-align the Gardiner (east of Cherry St) and build the new on/off ramps at Don Roadway?
Not surprised with the May and June 2023 opening of the new road system and bridges, as it what I saw late year as well this year that an 2023 date was needed.

No idea what the hold up is on the eastbound bridge, other than the forming the west pier has yet to take place. The east pier was finish some weeks ago and the centre should be done by now. The fabricator of the bridge is behind schedule as well getting material for it could be another reason for the delay.

Some areas are ahead of schedule, but most behind schedule
Unbelievable project, really astonishing what they've done... already better than any render porn. Amazing drone tour and they haven't even turned the tap on yet.

Guess you can tell I'm rather gob-smacked despite viewing every one of the almost daily updates and drone videos.

I see lots of hardware (awards 🏆 ) in the future.
It will be interesting to see how city of Toronto is coordinating it, with rebuild off Ramp to Jarvis (shorting to Yonge st)
The removal of the York on-ramp and the changes to the Jarvis off-ramp are both part of the work on the downtown section (phase 5). The whole project is being coordinated and managed by the City.
🤞they are not removing existing Jarvis ramp before building new ramp, already a nightmare going to the east end
🤞they are not removing existing Jarvis ramp before building new ramp, already a nightmare going to the east end
If the concrete roadbed in the downtown section (York to Jarvis) is as bad as the concrete on the bents is in that section, the whole thing will be total chaos as I suspect the whole road may need to be closed or, at least, one side at a time like the Jarvis to Cherry section.