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Toronto needs lots of parks like this in the core. Like lots.
I hope the new park between pinnacle 1 Yonge and Sugar Wharf condos looks as high quality as this. Berczy Park & St Andrews Playground feels elevated to this level, possibly even Grange Park which I like a lot. Maybe the redeveloped David Crombie park will have a shot as well as the Moss Park redevelopment. I realize these are all concentrated in a few small areas but I feel like I am seeing some progress over the past few years.
Photos taken April 30, 2022: Forming of the Heart-Shaped Water Feature is well underway.





From today. Trees don't look quite dead.

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Keeping in mind, I'm not an arborist, and that I'm attempting to look at these pretty distantly in a photo...............

The southernmost tree, next to Queen's Quay is a Chinese looked a bit rough before the park project.........I'd be guessing here, but they do have to deal w/Dutch Elm disease just like a our native elms...........though they usually hold up a bit better.

Tree on the York St. side should be a Silver Maple I think and it looked pretty good last year and in the photo above; though it did have some premature yellowing last September as seen in Streetview.

The tree that's meant to be the island in the heart feature is a Northern Catalpa. Still a bit early to judge this one, they are very late to leaf out here normally, late May or early June even. They are really a more southerly species, their name notwithstanding.

Not sure I can get a better view in person, so I'll just say for now, let's have another look in about 7-10 days. I think the other southerly tree is also Chinese Elm, I'm pretty sure that's what I recall seeing on the diagrams.