Toronto King Blue by Greenland | 155.75m | 48s | Greenland | Arcadis

So, whaddyuh think?


Close-ups coming in the dataBase entry later this evening (once it's a the top of the dataBase list, they're there).

The podium is alright. The ground floor on king looks too short, but maybe that's just the render. The glass section between the heritage building and the black brick section should be pushed back more to give more attention to the heritage building. The black brick part looks clumsy. Nothing seems to be in proportion.

The towers are the same P+S crap we've seen before. This time it looks like they're trying to get creative with a frit gradient in the balcony glass. It seems balcony design passes as architecture in Toronto these days. Even worse, the tower is twinned.

On a positive note, this development will be great for the neighborhood despite its lackluster design. I'm really looking forward to the pedestrian spaces in between the buildings and the museum of film (or whatever it is).
The dataBase entry is live now. Besides the hero shot above and the promised close-up detail crops, it also contains two views of the elaborate podium-top terrace. More renderings coming soon… (my favourite part of this complex is the courtyard, so I hope they won't make us wait long for that).

Does this take up the entire parking lot ? i.e. all the way back to mercer ?
The podium seems okay. The new portion of the podium references the brick pattern in the heritage building. I like that.

The towers are egregiously boring and the constant uniform spandrel is unflattering.

Thanks for that ... wow a giant site, I guess it makes sense as the towers are set back, so are they leaving the westinghouse building intact or tearing it down ? That was one of the big sticking points in the earlier city reports.

Also, to the east, I recall a couple restaurants will be demolished to make way for this, up to which store # is that ? Sorry I know the information is probably buried somewhere in this thread but this application has changed a couple times if I recall.
IIRC it's only Verona that's involved with this one, which is not a heritage building.

Westinghouse will be façadomized.

The towers are going to be spandrel hell, worthy of Mississauga, circa 2003. The podium is fine but not worth the horrible towers.