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Formal notice from Metrolinx regarding demolition of the King and Bathurst Streets buildings for the Ontario Line station. Starting as early as next Tuesday, August 8.

I got the impression from the renders that they were going to maintain the heritage brick buildings. I guess it's just demo and partially rebuild then, given the plan above?
Will 54-56 Stuart eventually be demolished or retained?

At this point, it does not appear that 54-56 Stewart Street is about to be demolished - at least as part of the Metrolinx Ontario Line and King - Bathurst Station project. Word from local residents had been that prior to the Ontario line, 54-56 Stewart had been acquired by the then owners of the 663 King Street building, to incorporate it into the overall redevelopment of the site, however 54-56 Stewart was then subsequently sold off to a new owner. Timing of the Yoga Studio closure appears to have been coincidental. Of course, what specific plans the current owner may have for the building remain to be seen.
August 9: Fencing enclosing the Banknote Building at 663 King Street West has been set up along Bathurst and King Streets. Also, the recently added fire escape structure has now been completely removed. It looked to be more difficult, and took longer to bring down than I recall being for its original installation.



And the Jersey Barriers have been installed along the Bathurst and Stewart street sides of the building - enclosing one lane along the building on each street. An overview picture, followed by the barriers on Bathurst and then Stewart streets.


Similar to the buildings on the north side of King Street, activities have focused on interior demolition and clean out, along with removal of the windows and window frames. Two views, one from the south side of Stewart Street, the other from above.


First time I've seen that kind of jersey barrier / metal railing used in Toronto. they've been common in Hamilton for a while, interesting seeing them show up in Toronto now as well.
They've also been used for the final stages of the Schwartz Reisman Innovation Centre along College St, but that's the only other place I can think of seeing them in Toronto before. Much nicer than the traditional concrete jersey barrier.
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Monday morning, September 18: Pouring (pumping) concrete into the front of the basement of the Banknote building - presumably for the foundation of the inside portion of the Banknote building King Street facade bracing structure.

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