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May 28, 2007
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Pre-application consultation at Metro Hall tonight at 6pm.




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663 and 665 King West are listed but not designated heritage buildings. It looks like a full replacement of 663 King West is planned. Anyone would be clearly nuts to suggest doing anything with the 665 King Street and corner elevations other than preserve them… but I could see some people not appreciating the bulk of the building's face on Bathurst. I appreciate it however, and I imagine many others do too. Both the heavily shaded and totally blank sections on those drawings will be the greatest focus of concern tonight, no doubt.

I believe the plan is full removal and replacement of the existing building with something that is 'notionally respectful' of what's there now.
My guess the shaded part is what is being retained which is very unfortunate. Just another one of those, let's squeeze as much density on the site as possible while not going overboard with the height.
I believe the plan is full removal and replacement of the existing building with something that is 'notionally respectful' of what's there now.
'Notionally'? As in "There's a building there now. We gonna tear dat down, and outta respect, we gonna put up anudder building. Very respectful like."

The drawing appears to include 647 King St. W. as well (the current home of EFS nightclub), is that correct?
Why don't we bow doze block by block of everything in the city core and start from scratch building everything new and hell with history. We will get rid of all those nice pre 1930 looking building as well the crap that has replace them and use a standard cookie cutter design to build something new.

Replace all the overhead as you rebuild the block by block great looking builds like this one. The one to the east can go easy that part of this design.

Who every going tonight meeting, speak up about the great mistake that about to happen here. I expect the city to jump start to make sure this building is protected as well oppose the development.
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The two grotesque buildings that replaced that great brick warehouse building on the NW corner (pictured above) in the early 80's are perfect examples of what not to do.
I'm sure those buildings were marginally acceptable at that time but are now permanent eyesores. I could see where the clocks on 700 King W (aka Westside Lofts) came from, but it's more of a slap in the face to the past.
Don't let this happen, as I'm sure this design will look dated and unfortunate 30 years from now, just like diagonally across the street.

The original building should be restored to its original glory with residential or commercial lofts and anything on top should refrain from the clichéd glass and spandrel box with staggered balcony patterning you see everywhere. This prominent corner should be held to a very high level of design standards -- we've seen too many bad mistakes being built everywhere in the city.
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