Toronto Hyatt Centric / The 203 Residences on Jarvis | 108.2m | 32s | Manga | Arcadis

There’s something about this blue glass exterior that I don’t hate. Cuz I loathe the whole dull blue-grey colour scheme of Toronto condos thru-out the city. This looks more like a vibrant midnight blue hue that I kinda like, if pics are true w/o big filters.
Too bad the armoury kills the entire block across the street to the south. It would be great if the feds could be persuaded to donate the land to the city. Then CC+A could be commissioned to create a park. The existing park could then be sold or leased for housing. There, I figured it all out.
Today. Crane coming down. Also, they clad the canted (W-shaped) columns in black. While I would prefer a more striking colour (say, red), this attention to details and aesthetic is rare in Toronto, where most developers leave prominent columns, pillars and such in their natural state (concrete). Kudos to Manga Hotels!