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It’s official:

So on the one hand, we pay consultants to name station names because "thou station names shall not be duplicated" (even though they are), but on the other hand the province unilaterally changes the name of a whole transit line completely outside of any standard naming convention because they feel like it?

And then to top it off, Doug is "promising" to restore the loop?

I dont know which one is the bigger joke of the day.
It’s official:

Ontario Names the Hurontario LRT After Former Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion​

Province honours the City of Mississauga’s longest serving Mayor

“As of today, the Hurontario LRT will be known as the Hazel McCallion Line to commemorate the great achievements and contributions of former City of Mississauga Mayor, Hazel McCallion.

Any comments from Brampton's Mayor Patrick Walter Brown?
Look on the bright side - in French, "ligne Hazel McCallion" is sounds nicer than "train léger Hurontario" 😂

Definitely! Now customers can get off at Port Credit GO, to travel on Hurontario on the Hazel McCallion line. But if you need to stay local, take the 2 or 17 Hurontario.

Hopefully everyone is following so far, because the northern section in Brampton might be named after Bill Davis so dont transfer trains once you cross the Mississauga-Brampton border.