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I kinda like the overbearing and dystopian look. It looks ominous in a sort of Blade Runner way in @f_gho's night time photos.

But I realize it's a pretty cheaply made building because of the many mullions and transoms in the window wall, plus the glassy ground level retail. They also made no effort to disguise the back painted panels like the East 55 building.

pretty disappointing from GG and Core.
The white pilasters that run up the balconies look terrible - tons of joint lines, the way they meet the soffit looks unfinished, and they don't add anything to the building. They couldn't even make a real motif out of them - the spacing between them seems like it's almost regular, but it's not quite. The east elevation is a good example of it - the spacing just makes no sense.
What do you like about this project? Honestly, I'm struggling and would love some help, lol.

Even though the materials are decent quality, this one is difficult to like. I'm not sure any design could have made up for the massing, which is hulking and leaves no open space. Why they chose to clad such a huge building in dark grey instead of a lighter colour, not to differentiate the two towers, or not to clad the podium in a warmer material is baffling. I think the only saving grace is that the view of this is likely to be blocked from the south once the parking lot at King / Power is developed.
Does anyone have an idea what kind of stores is going to be in this building?

According to their leasing brochure (which can be notoriously out of date); they have yet to lease most of the retail spaces.

They're marketing the 28,000ft2 on the 2nd floor as office space now; though they had wanted a supermarket.
A few snaps from today’s walk. One hoist elevator gone and landscaping starting to go in.



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