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May 20, 2007
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Any news on this one? Assuming it won't be open until at least fall now that the summer concert schedule is mostly announced.
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Site Plan Amendment Application for facade changes to the existing non-residential building. See 16-161156 STE 32 SA: Application for Site Plan Approval for use conversion from an off-track betting facility to an event space for live performance. Proposal includes an infill addition at the second floor mezzanine.

Good stuff! Thanks for the update @Marcanadian.

Perhaps a Rec Room could take the place of the off-track betting location next door. Then your entertainment bases would covered in the whole lot: Live music, cinema, games.
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Yep very bland. At least there's some development going on there.
Very solid proposal put forth by IBI: a concrete bunker. What kind of architectural firm is this? Are they seriously proud of this?

As for Live Nation, they couldnt care less about the design so long as the interior has great acoustics so I wont even waste my breath on them.
C'mon guys. The architectural plans say it's stone facade, with gold metal. Which is awesome. Tear the whole stucco beast down and put up said stone.