Haven On The Bluffs Condos | 38.71m | 10s | VHL Developments | Master Building


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Mar 5, 2020
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...they needed clashing shoes to complete that clown suit. /sigh


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Apr 24, 2007
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A co-working concept called Merged Spaces by LCH Developments will be operating in the first 2 floors of the base here:

Nearby is the two-storey Merge Spaces (which isn’t affiliated with IWG’s Spaces co-working brand) at 2229 Kingston Rd.

It offers a variety of amenities and workspaces, including private offices, a presentation and events space, collaborative work stations, meeting rooms, dedicated desks, sound-proof phone booths, a games/lounge room and a fully stocked café offering free coffee, tea and snacks.

Merge Spaces is programmed with bi-weekly networking events, informational fireside chats, fitness experiences and DJs playing music at no cost to members.

“If we can compound our involvement in a specific area, the value of all of those developments is going to increase,” said Michal. “While we’re providing much-needed housing and great condo product on Kingston Road, what was missing was a really high-end office where people can work and play.”

Michal believes Merge Spaces will benefit local retailers and could be a great overall catalyst for the area.

“If we’re successful with Merge Spaces as our first co-working project, we can work it into the design of our next projects in areas where we think it could be successful,” he said. “It would be a lot more efficient from a costing perspective and fill in the commercial component of our sites with an existing business that will be immediately successful.”

LCH is based in Merge Spaces and occupies about 20 per cent of its office space at the moment, with the ability to expand or contract as needed.


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Jul 16, 2011
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I was really disappointed when they redid the base because it seemed like a cheap version of Manulife. But, I've been by it several times in the past few weeks and it's not just working, it's working well. While it's nothing special aesthetically, functionally it feels good as a streetscape. You can feel a connection to the inside from the street and there's some variety inside that makes it interesting night and day. Manulife still feels like a bunker despite all the added glass but the Haven streetscape feels alive. Not how I expected to feel about it.