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Has anyone driven by lately or heard any news about occupancy? I got an email from VHL asking for my lawyer's contact info for closing.

I quickly glanced one day earlier this week to see some type of border being installed which I believe is to separate between is to be the bricked level and the stucco. Ill take pics next time im by the site next week if there is any significant progress
View from Tim Hortons across the street.



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I hope you're right, but I don't see much evidence for brick. The gray is looking quite dour.

@OneCity ... I see what you mean now! Yes- totally looks like some sort of drip edge or separation between the stucco and another surface.
@interchange42 Agreed. I think it is too late in the season for brick unless they are tarping it off. Unless they are doing that "peel and stick" type stone that comes in sheets. Either way, looks nothing like the rendering.

@Eug ... The colour is horrible. But it's hard to tell which shade is final.
Maybe they'll stain it like they did at The Mercer, that turned out quite nice and resembled this beforehand.
They have said they're using Hampshire Gray-coloured stucco on the first two floors. Here it is:


There are construction projects that look crappy while everything's still coming together, other than some hints that things will but okay when done… and then there's this one. I haven't seen grimmer looking construction photos for another building. Those red bricks better show up, or this may end up even uglier than Campus One down on College at Spadina.

I'd be surprised if that is the final surface. It looks like there are variations in the surface and what not that would be eventually covered up. Or at least I hope so.
Last photo by willwu shows pockets of the finished coat.

It's VHL. This is what they do. Thankfully, they don't build more.
Last photo by willwu shows pockets of the finished coat.

It's VHL. This is what they do. Thankfully, they don't build more.

Lmao, thats such a good way to look at it @maestro . It definitely is a finish coat- and it's horrible. The renderings show canopies, wood doors, glass railings, brick, and mouldings. None of which will actually be delivered.

Just seems weird that they would go through all of that hassle to redesign and resubmit to the City, and then make it uglier than the original design?
I never believed VHL would actually use anything but a stucco finish. See post #118.