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Sep 10, 2007
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Dunno if you guys are interested in Hamilton's rapid transit plans (A Line and B Line) so I figured I'll add the report here.

The Rapid Transit Feasibility Study was just released this morning. It contains a lot of detail. The report starts off the discussion between BRT or LRT, it's up to council to decide either LRT, BRT or both.

Have a good read....

As a Hamilton resident, this post earns a great big "hell yeah" from me. Reading now.
Perhaps that report should have a separate thread? Didn't think there would be interest.
It'll cost $1.1 billion for LRT for A-Line and B-Line. Personally I'll be happy with just LRT for B-Line and BRT for A-Line.

A tunnel would have to be built along James Mountain access for LRT so that would have a massive price tag.
From the report

"Providing BRT services along the two identified routes is estimated to have a capital cost of $480 million, including for construction and maintenance, and servicing and storage facility (improvements), and 25 additional articulated hybrid buses (estimated cost of $900,000 each). Operating costs are estimated to be $80/revenue hour/vehicle. Based on MoveOntario 2020, Provincial and Federal funding for capital for rapid transit along these two corridors could be expected, but the amount to be expected is still to be determined.

The construction costs for BRT are based on an estimate of $6.5 million/km for one-way streets, and $9 million/km for two-way streets.

Providing LRT services along the two identified routes has an estimated capital cost of $1.1 billion, including construction, bridge improvements, Escarpment crossing tunnels and a new garage or storage facility. The cost for Light Rail Vehicles is estimated to be $4 million each. Operating costs are estimated at $175/revenue hour/vehicle. Funding from the MoveOntario 2020 initiative is also expected, at the levels indicated above for BRT.

The construction costs for LRT are based on estimates of $15 million/km for one-way streets and $25 million/km for two-way streets. It should be noted that Hamilton can request additional funding from Metrolinx, or other Provincial or Federal programs as appropriate."
I would love to see LRT along Main and James, but I cannot see it being useful on the Mountain. A line from McMaster to Eastgate would allow the HSR to reduce/eliminate bus routes (Delaware, B-line, Main, King, Cannon, etc.) and redeploy them to increase frequency along other corridors, like the south mountain routes (Rymal, Stonechurch).
Basically summed up they'll be a transit median with terminals along Main St West for B-Line (Longwood St to McMaster University). The rest will have a transit lane.

For A-Line from Fennell to the Airport they'll be a transit median with terminals as well. The rest will have a transit lane.


Now it's up to council to decide if A and B-Line will be either LRT, BRT or a mixture.

Mayor Fred supports LRT for the B-Line, this is what he said in a blog.....

Wow Nicole and bloggers. You did mention Nicole how much attention this issue has generated and I am impressed with the thoughtfull comments from all. I agree with most of you that we need to aim high and aspire to the cleanest order of public tansportation which is LRT. Light rail for the lower city for the future should be our goal. We must remember that we need to plan for the future and the necessary and planned growth in our inner city. I'll also agree that we have excellent staff working on this to provide accurate information as we move forward so that we can make educated and balanced decisions. There is certainly alot more work to be done here but I am very glad that we asked our staff and the Metrolinx board to consider light rail for Hamilton in some form rather than just expanding our bus rapid transit. In concert with that is my belief that a bus only civic square on both legs of King st. full or partime will change the dynamic of our dowtown and start to recapture the people place that was prevalent in its heyday many years ago. With courage and vision the Next Hamilton can and will exceed expectaions. Congratulations all for caring enough to engage and continue to participate in the future of our great and getting greater city.
Cheers Fred Eisenberger

Posted by: fred eisenberger
Is it just me, or are all the cars is that picture travelling on the wrong side of the road? :confused:

I didn't think that hamilton was that backwards :)
(only kidding)

Hope Hamilton gets what transit it needs
No, that's not a picture from Hamilton. I got it from an open house presentation on the Master Transportation Plan a couple of months ago. It's from European City.
This also came from the presentation...


Fingers crossed that councillors will use the $8.9 million infrastructure fund from the recent provincal budget towards building an incline railway.
No, that's not a picture from Hamilton. I got it from an open house presentation on the Master Transportation Plan a couple of months ago. It's from European City.

If you look at it you can see that the image is a rendering. See the identical rendertrees and see how the bus lanes are narrower than the cars in the photo. (Plus the random puffs of green in the hydro lines obscuring whatever ugly retail is in the background).

It's pretty clear that's not a European city. I'm 99% sure that's a Canadian Tire gas bar on the left side of the image.
I think it's Yonge Street in York Region somewhere, and originally used for VIVA-II concept. Note the York Region practise of having big green signs facing both directions on the traffic light arm masts. And the image was reversed.